Day 3 – Thurday 5th July

hello again!

I went to Tean today an unihabited island with lots of archaeology.  We are looking at sites here that go back 2000 years.   People had a house there in the time of the Romans, then about 400 years later the islanders built a chapel and buried people here.  Later other people came and farmed and fished on the islands it is all really interesting.  

I  interviewed Charles Thomas who’s a really famous archaeologist. He dug on Tean around fifty years ago when your grandparents were probably very young!  He was very interesting to listen to, he says things have changed a lot since he was there and that he had to stay on Tean with little food and get water from other islands every day.   I am glad I am camping on St Martins in the lovely campsite.

It is going to be very very windy tonight so I wish I had a solid house to sleep in!  We have a tent on Tean for our tea breaks and to hide in if it rains, but it’s very wobbly so i’ll let you know if it is still there tomorrow.   


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