Thursday – Beryl Higg’s Rubbish

Today was the best day yet – went to St Mary’s school and i buried some items so that the children could practise digging things up. Some of the things we found included a toothbrush, wine bottle, honey pot, pencil, tin of tuna and a birthday card.

 One group of kids dug up the items and one group recorded what we found. The birthday card was addresses to Beryl Higgs and so we decided that we were digging up her rubbish! With different clues we worked out that she was 40, and possibly lived in a farmhouse with chickens and a cat. She may have been an artist or an illustrator.

 I was really impressed by the children today – they had thought really carefully about my trip on Tuesday and had remembered lots. Back to digging for me tommorrow though. We’re moving to Brhyer – what do people think of the island?


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