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Hello and this is my first blog from the isles of Scilly – anyway I told you earlier that I was no good at diary’s and guess what I was right! I came here on Friday and it is now Thursday, anyway better get on with it!

This is a small account of the days I’ve experienced so far……………………….


Today I woke up at 2:00 am and found myself in the Tesco’s car park in Penzance.  We had been travelling all night in the car – since 10:00pm on Thursday after going to see Harry potter 5 – anyway we then went into Tesco’s and bought……………..SOCKS.  We then headed back to the car and I went back to sleep and then next woke at 8:00 (still not a reasonable time I prefer getting up at midday).  We then packed our luggage into a container and got on the boat.  We immediately went down to the buffet and got a cooked breakfast.  After that I sat down and somehow fell asleep.  When I woke up I felt very sea sick, the boat was rocking very badly and I don’t think  there was one person on that boat that didn’t feel slightly sick –  after hearing the news we were delayed by an hour I felt even worse.

Finally when we got off the boat I felt ok actually surprisingly, but the weather wasn’t feeling the same way. It was raining and cloudy, not a good first impressing of the Scilly isles (but I had been here before) ‘  We then got on the smaller boat to Bryher-  my mum wasn’t their yet (she was moving from St. Martins which they had been on for 2 weeks already) so we waited in the pub on the island.  When she finally arrived along with all the students we went up to the campsite and put are tent up and finally went to bed…………….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

weather-rain, cloud and high winds (not nice especially trying to put up a tent)


Today I did nothing much really so I cant say much but I did read my book, listen to music on my Ipod and look around the island and managing to get lost and that was it………..really…………….!

Weather-Cloud and Sun! (OK)


Sorry my mind gone blank and all I can remember was that I was dearly missing furniture especially my super king size bed! Oh and we went to the pub again.

Weather- sunny I think!


 Today was my mums day off so we went to St. Marys to do the shopping a look around the shops it was nice -I like shopping.  We also went to a café for lunch and I had a ham and cheese pannine it was very yummy mmmmmmmmm – we then did more shopping but this time food shopping boring! But I did buy a nice cake! We then caught the boat home and guess what! We went to the pub! ……………. again! (we only go because its warm and there is furniture there).

Weather-Sunny (Yeah!)


Today I had to get up at 8:00 dun dun duuun too early and I tried to get up I did but I did not succeed and fell asleep again, only when my mum woke me up and said that we were going to miss the boat did I have to get up quickly and run to catch the boat. When we actually got there not much was happening we went to the reading room (a room for the islanders to meet in kind of like a town hall) and I read my 2nd book so far and played on my Nintendo DS (Mario kart mostly).  For lunch I had a Cornish pasty and a chocolate and orange cookie – it was yummy and the pasty was huge-  also we managed to adopted a dog who followed us all the way back from the bakery and back to the reading room and it wouldn’t go back home (it was a cute dog though) until a girl had to pull it back.  Moving on we got the boat back and – I guess you can see a pattern here – we went to the pub and then to sleep!!!

Weather- Very sunny (I got sun burn)


Today I had to get up early again and again I fell back to sleep and had to run to catch the boat . We were going to the abandoned island called Samson. When we got there my mum put up are new sun shelter that was sent in the post and it has very large pegs called stakes (like the one you use to kill vampires but they were plastic and it said rock buster on the side) I read my book (2nd book) and played my Nintendo DS.  I ate my lunch at 11:00am because I was hungry and when it came to lunch time I was even more hungry and I only had a apple left.  After lunch we went down to the beach I think it took at least half an hour to put on my wet suit then I felt as if I was strangling – anyway I made it to the sea in the end. I didn’t actually do much swimming, I made a crab farm instead for the crabs my brother caught ( one was called bubbles and one was called snipper) after getting back on the boat home I found after tea, to my dismay, that my cake I bought was missing!!!! I was forced to conclude that the great cake thief of Bryher had been at work! I questioned all suspects – but none owned up.  I was about to move on to the torture stage when the constable (my mum) steped in telling me to stop and she would buy me a new cake! I then retired to the pub where I had a pint (other words a J2O) and thought over the crime scene,  I then was so tired so I went to bed! CASE CLOSED!!! (Maybe…………..I will not go easy if I discover the culprit)


Weather-Sunny AGAIN!


Today I did the same thing as always,  get woken up by my mum again and I then fell back asleep again and then ran to the boat again .  Today I went with my mum to Tean another abandoned island and put the sun shelter up and finished book 2 and played Mariocart DS as well and that was about it and now I’m having tea and I am officially up to date!!!! Hip hip hooray! And you can guess the rest of my day (e.g. pub and bed)



4 Responses to “Scilly Tean Blog”

  1. camperbelle Says:

    hey u do look sunburned! Glad the sun as finally come out! see u are getting into a routine boat, reading,boat pub!! Please put up some more photos of where u go each day. I’m sure all these islands are very beautiful.
    I have been busy planning your holiday – sounds it will be a bit like the scilly islands as there will be lots of island hopping…..although it will be hot every day. Also trying to plan a hike to a volcano or two – dormant of course – u can always stay on beach and let mummy and daddy go. I hope u can get used to getting up early – everything starts here at 7 but then everyone falls asleep in the middle of the day – literally all over the place! trying to decide what where we want to be for new year…Beach!!! Anyway I have booked flights to a place called Dumagete on Boxing day and I plan to take u to an island called siqujor. Maybe u can google it and see what u think. there are wales and dolphins there. Not sure where we’ll go after that yet as there are sooooooo many options. U are also going to another island when u arrive called Puerta Galeria as we have to stay in Manila till the 21st as Gianna is still at school. Anyway needless to say we are really looking forward to seeing u at Xmas. Anyway back to the Scilly islands – I WANT TO SEE MORE! so get “clicking”” Apart from catching Crabs whats Enda up to? is that daddy there too?
    Big hug and kissesxxxxxxxxx

  2. camperbelle Says:

    By the way u won’t need a wet suit here but beach shoes are a must to avoid the sea uchins! – small black spikey creatures that can stick in your foot – and snorkle gear of course

  3. Margaret Says:

    Hello Bryony

    Thanks for text last night telling me you had updated “Blog”. Glad you are surving being dragged out of bed (sorry no bed just ground) onto boats, having your cake stolen and spending hours in pub. If you remember you were first introduced to how many hours “Diggers” spend in pubs when we used to go and met them there in Hebrides when you were 3. Hope ypu don’t run out of books to read.

    Maya leaving school tonight. they are having a Leavers Party. Aunty Kathy just been on windows mesanger Gianna been made President of Drama Club. Sound exciting all the plans for your holiday.

    Give my love to mummy and Enda and say Hello to Edwina and Dan.

    Hope the weather gets better for you. Isn’t Saturday “DAY OFF” so you might get to “Lie In.”

    Lots of love



  4. Margaret Says:

    P.S. Like the photo on your wet suit

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