Thurs 19th July, Rhiannon’s First Blog!

Hey Guys, it’s Rhiannon here! Some of you may remember me from when I visited St. Mary’s primary school. I also visited the secondary school and showed some of you from St. Martin’s around Tean.

 Sally went home today so I have taken over the Scilly Kid blog for the last week. Today I have been showing some peole around Tean and then filling in some of the trenches (holes), that we dug so that no one falls in when we are gone! It was very very hot and hard work. Some of the children that are staying with us dressed up and pretended to be the buried bodies that were found 50 years ago!

Bryony and Daniel Pretend to be Dead Bodies


The other people in our group were digging and drawing on Samson, where we hope to see a lot of you next week. In all it was a good day as the weather was really really good so even though the work was hard we really enjoyed ourselves.

Please ask me lots of questions – anything you want even if it is about being an archaeologist or just living in a tent! Do any of you out there think you want to be archaeologists after seeing and reading about what we are doing? Hope you enjoy reading this version of the blog. Sally will keep checking it and keep in contact so don’t worry! Speak to you tomorrow!



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