Friday 20th July, Digging on Samson

Hey Guys!

 Today I have been digging just outside one of the houses on Samson. We have been digging down using our trowels and a tool that is a bit like a pick axe called a mattock to see if we can find what we call a lynchet. Lynchet is the word we use for a field boundary like a hedge or fence where earth gets blown and makes a mound. It was hard work as the soil was very hard and dry. We were also taking measurements on the island so that we can put them onto a map later.

Archaeologists working in a trench on Samson

On Bryher some of the archaeologists were running an open day in the community hall and talked to lots of people about what we have been doing. We will be running another open day on Samson on Sunday so come along if you want to find out more! And even if you miss that i’m sure i’ll see some of you on the Samson picnic on Tuesday!

Tomorrow we are having a well deserved break as we have been working very hard and I am hoping to grab a copy of the new Harry Potter Book! Are any of you out there big Harry Potter fans?

I will speak to you soon. Have a great weekend!



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