Scilly Tean Blog Saturday

Saturday 21st

Today I bought some more cake!!……………………. actually maybe I should start from the beginning.  OK then (it was my mums day off) I woke up but didn’t have breakfast because I was given the choice to stay  in the campsite or go to St. Mary’s and I changed my mind at the last minute and had to hurry to catch the boat! (again) .  In St. Mary’s I went shopping and looked for gifts for my…………self and of course my friends!  We then had to go food shopping and I bought a lot of chocolate (for my pack lunches).  We then had lunch out and I had a tuna and cheese toasted sandwiches and some cheesey chips (I love cheesey chips  – yummy).  W

We then went back to the shops and I bought a crystal angel to hang in my window and I can’t say what else in case my dad reads this!  We then went home and I read the new Harry potter book which we had ordered from Amazon to arrive on the campsite on the day.  Also I read my new manga book which I also ordered and then ate some cake went to the pub and went to sleep………!

Weather- Cloudy, Wind and slightly sunny

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

Note from mother – Enda is fine and also reading Harry Potter as one of the students powered through the book and has lent it to him.  He went crabbing tonight and caught fourteen feisty crabs (his words) – they drew blood on both he and Dan.  

this is agaist my will

Nintendo DSs have been confiscated but kids are surviving.  


One Response to “Scilly Tean Blog Saturday”

  1. camperbelle Says:

    Ww went to see the new harry potter film yesterday. personally i didn’t think it was as good as the last one but then I’ve never read the books. I thought the last one was more scary. They have load of cinemas here and all the films are in english. They release the films here the same time as they are released anywhere in the world. Its only 1.20 to go so quite cheap too! We have also seen Shrek 3 and pirates of the caribbean. I took Gianna to see the stage show of High School Musical which was BRILLIANT! the cast were all really young but so professional and really talented. I have now booked our accomodation for new year so u can have a look and see what u think!

    Hope its not so wet for u – seems like u are having more of a rainy season that us here in the Philippines! At least its hot here when it rains so its quite nice………….
    love kx

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