Scilly Tean – Friday 20th July


Today I had a lie in Yeah! (It’s about time) and woke up in a boiling hot tent – not nice feeling to have! I then got out the tent in desperation and went to have breakfast in my pyjamas.  We then had to hurry to the community centre for the meet ‘the archaeologist’s day’ (I didn’t take part in it – I just sat around playing on my DS).  Around lunch time I was told to get the sandwiches so I went back to the mess tent and got them.  I then had a desire for chocolate, so I went to the shop as well and bought an Kit Kat and lots of other yummy things with the money I found in the pocket of the tent.  I then went back to the community centre and I found that my mum had gone to the tent and not finding me, made some more sandwiches and didn’t want the ones I got!!! (I was a bit annoyed…… and disappointed) .  We then came home and then ate dinner went to the PUB! And…………. ZZZZZZZZZZ!

By the way my mum was saying that I sounded as though I am bored with the Scilly isles but just to confirm I do enjoy being here!……………… when  its sunny!!

Weather-Sunny, cloudy and a cool breeze


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