Sunday 22nd July, Samson Open Day

Hey Guys!

 It was the open day on Samson today, so I spent most of the day meeting lots of people and showing them round the islands. They seemed to be really interested in what we were doing and what they could see. I also met a lot of people who are Michael Morpurgo fans and learnt a lot from them about his book “Why the Whales came.” Have any of you read any of his books? He visited the site a few days ago, which was very exciting for all of us!

This afternoon there were less people to show round so my friend Kayleigh and I drew a plan of the floor in one of the trenches. This is a very important part of archaeology, as when we go home we have to cover up anything we find with soil so that it is not damaged. We draw plans so we know exactly what is under the ground so that we can dig it up again if we need to. It is just like doing one of those drawings in a puzzle book where you are given a picture and have to copy it onto a grid, except we have to be very accurate and often have to measure the thing we are drawing.

 Hope everyone has had a good weekend. We have four more days over here so I will keep you updated every day until we leave! Hope to see some of you at the Samson picnic!



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