Tean Blog- Sunday 22nd

Sunday 22nd

Today I basically just read Harry potter and the deathly hallow’s all day. I was going to go to Samson but the weather was just horrible, so I stayed in the tent mostly all day reading. At lunch I managed to come out off the tent and at my lunch while chatting to one of the students. Then I retired back to the tent (Harry potter was getting quite exciting by then). At tea I finally came out and had some bean on toast, and after diner I had one of my new cakes I had bought. I then went to the pub continuing to read Harry potter and finally bed!

Weather-Rainy, Windy and just plane horrible!
LoveStar Angel


2 Responses to “Tean Blog- Sunday 22nd”

  1. Margaret Says:

    `Hello Bryony,

    Like your new Angel she is “Fab”. Not long now and you will home in your own bed.

    I have just been looking on web at photos Aunty Kathy has sent of beach resorts out there. Looks terrific. Good job we can all look forward to “Belated” summer hols in Phillipines. WE can turn winter into summer.

    Maya enjoyed her leaving party and sleepover.

    We all supposed to be getting a day of sunshine tomorrow, fingers crossed.

    Don’t suppose new Harry Potter has reached there yet, or has it, is that one you are reading?

    Hope you get some sun today and it is less boring.

    Tell mummy Christine I. is on her yacht somewhere in Scillys.

    Lots of love to everybody



  2. Margaret Says:

    Just read on other Blog about storm Sunday night. Hope your tent was OK. At least sounds like you were able to spend day inside. Presume you are leaving Fri to come home to your own BED.

    Supposed to be sun everywhere today so hope you get it. It is still trying to oome out here. See lots of flooding in Oxford. Hope Maryanne is OK.

    Lots of love



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