Monday 23rd July, After a dark and stormy night…

Hey Guys,

 Today we were meant to be going to Samson to carry on with the work we were doing on the island. Unfortunately it had been blowing gale force winds and raining heavily all night, meaning none of us slept very well. When we woke up it was still very windy and wet.

Two of our tents had blown down, one with people inside and the other tents were looking very unstable. We helped to tie down our own tents and rescue the people trapped inside the collapsed tent. We then ran around the campsite helping the other campers who were having problems. One of the tents had to be held down by a whole group of us so that it didnt blow away! It was very exciting, but also very tiring after a night with not much sleep. Luckily a cooked breakfast was made for us to give us more energy.

Tents in the wind

The rain did not stop until this afternoon so we were unable to go over to Samson. Instead we spent our day keeping an eye on the tents and in the warm of the local pub and community centre where many of us read Harry Potter, (and where I managed to finish it)! – any one else finished yet? What did you think? 

This evening the weather got much better and we were able to dry all our wet things and have a nice dinner. We are all in need of a good sleep tonight and hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow! Hope none of you were kept awake by the storm last night. Imagine the noise it made on our tents!

Speak to you tomorrow when we will have hopefully managed to do some more work!



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