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This part of the site is for ME! Bryony.  I am 13 since my birthday on the 24th of June, and I’m being dragged along to the Isles of Scilly this year – but I went last year for two weeks and it was good actually ( I was lucky it was sunny! ). I had a nice time but I’m not sure about the so called WARM sea but i supose you have to try these things.   At the moment I’m in the middle of my exams and I’m not sure how well I’m doing ( I am a  bit nervous ).  Some of my intests are Animals and Drawing hopeful I’ll draw some pictures on the scilly islands and scan them on to the computer some time! I also like drawing manga and anime at the moment so I’ll try and scan some of those as well! (just for you people out there). 

I’ll also TRY and keep a diary of my expereance although I’m not promiseing any thing (I’m not very good at keeping a diary so it might be missing some days anyway got to go it’s bed time and I got more test’s tomorow ahhhhhhh!! so NIGHTY NIGHT to you all!!

Welcome angel


10 Responses to “Scilly Tean Blog”

  1. Camperbelle Says:

    Hey – great to see the blog I shall look out everyday to se what adventures u get up to. I told mummy I wanted a picture of Enda in his T-shirt, maybe he could be digging in it? – will he have his own page too?
    What are manga and anime? Anything to do with biology or archeology?(only joking are they cartooms?) I will forward the site to gianna. Maybe she can get her school here in the Philippines interested in your project. I’ll also send the link to some of my friends who have kids around your age so u get lots of visitors. Tell mummy to put a counter on like I have on my web site then u will know how many visitors u will have
    🙂 x

  2. Annie R-S Says:

    WoW Bryony! That’s a great drawing!

    Hope ya had a nice birthday (& hols) ! The islands look great!

    See ya when I see ya!

    Lotsa love Annie xxxxxxxxooxxxxxxxooxxxxxxxx

  3. Margaret Says:

    Hello Bryony
    Looking forward to reading your blog. I am sure you are glad you exams are over. I like your “Angel” Not long now and you and Enda will be there with mummy.
    Lots of love

  4. Fiona Elliott Says:

    Hi Bryony,

    Love the angel. Hope your exams went okay. Looking forward to your diary. Are you there yet? How is Enda? Say Hi to Enda for me. Get blogging – and look forward to seeing some more drawings. Have fun. Love Fiona xxx

  5. pete and dave Says:

    hi briony

    pete is staying with me here in london and we are both extremely excied about your forthcoming blog from the scilly isles. let’s see lots more pictures, particularly on a manga theme!

    so, we’ll be checking the boring old cardiff university blog for your special contributions. . .

    ps – good luck with those exams!

    pete and dave


  6. Margaret Says:

    Hello Bryony,

    I hope you all have a good journey tomorrow. I am sure you are looking

    forward to getting there but not the journey. Hope the sun comes out for

    Congratulations on doing so well in your exams.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing some more drawings on your blog.

    Lots of love to you and Enda

    Safe journey.


  7. Michael Says:

    Hello Bryony,

    Nice drawing !

  8. maya moo Says:

    hii!its maya moo!cool website check out mine its piczo somthin like that summer hols 2 insect days 4 me not 4 sis hip hip horrah cause im startin secondary bye!At least your surviving i got me sats results englih level 5 science and maths level 4’s.I done west side story it wen’t well with tonight,america,mambo and i feel pretty the death scene wen’t quite well as well i’ve also been to france with my class 1st i went to the bakery made my own crossains then the makrket goin shoppin by our selves i bought shoes and mini bows to put in your hair then the beach and got 2 go swimmin.Then we wen’t to paris on the eiffel tower and the river siene thae next day we went to a chocolate factory and bought chocolate bye nice drawrin by the way
    from maya mooxxx

  9. Lauren (Lola, Lolly or Lol) Says:

    Hi Bryony!!!!!!!!!!!! How is the Isle of Scilly? remember 2 bring back the DVDs i left at urs ok bye then!!!!!!!!!! P.s. Ive got a web 2 its…

  10. Margaret Says:

    Just been reading Ted’s Art Blog some good drawings. Just thinking I have one daughter organsing people to help campers in storm on islands in Uk and other daughter on island in the Phillipines trying to help local people to improve their lives. Must have doen something as right as both of them helping others in need.

    Hope you have e good journey home. Ring me when you get back.

    Lots of love



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