Welcome to the Scilly Kid Blog

On this blog we invite contributions from the younger inhabitants and visitors to the Isles of Scilly. Do you have an interest in the archaeology, history or wildlife of the Islands?  Our friendly guide – Sally – will be blogging here, telling you all about the archaeology on the islands.  She is visiting the local schools and will be talking to any young visitors who come to see us on our excavations, don’t worry if you cannot make it here – send her questions to answer.

For older visitors we have a ‘groan up’ blog and a ‘tean’ blog for those inbetween. 

Come and visit us if you can, we have a number of events for National Archaeology Week but most days you can catch up with us at one of our sites.  Until the 12th July you can have a tour of Knackyboy Cairn at noon (meet at the Reading Room) or come over to Tean and we will show you around anytime.

Enda (9) helping the archaeologists in 2006

From this web site you will also be able to follow the adventures of three school children from Cardiff, Wales, as they our team of archaeologists working on the Isles of Scilly during National Archaeology Week – 18th to 22nd July 2007.   The children will be writing in both English and Welsh, as they are bi-lingual, and welcome contributions in both languages.

Er fod yn Samson wedi’I diboblogi ers y deunawfed ganrif mae ynys yn llawn hanes. Pob blwyddyn mae plant holl ysgolion yr ynysoedd yn cwrdd yno am ddiwnod allan o’r dosbarth I ddysgu am hanes eu hardal unigryw. Bydd bechgyn Treganna wrthi mewn gweithgareddau chynaladwyedd, ynghyd a dilyn darganfydiadau y palu a chloddio archaeolegol.

Dan (9), Enda (9) and Bryony (13) (Tean blogger) will be visiting a number of inhabited and uninhabited islands helping the archaeologists and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust look after the past, present and future of the islands. They will be camping with the archaeologists, visiting the local museum and meeting with the children who live on the Isles of Scilly.